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English Spanish International School is registered and listed with the Florida Department of Education. School Registration Code No. 7540. Dade District.

English Spanish International School or ESI School meets all requirements as a non-public schools, in accordance with State of Florida Statutes, Sec. 229.808.

English Spanish International School had been successfully enrolled in the accreditation process with:

Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) Accrediting Commission.

Accreditation is a primary means of quality assurance in United States higher education and a significant resource for quality improvement. Accreditation has always been associated with peer judgments about quality.

The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. At English Spanish International School we operate with the highest level of professionalism, once accredited our graduates will benefit from an accredited education.



English Classes
Spanish Classes

High School Diploma

Citizenship Classes

Dental Assistant Course: Coming Soon!

Dental Laboratory Technician Course: Coming Soon!

and moreÖ


It is our goal to assist students in reaching their maximum potential and make them responsible, proficient, and productive members of society with emphasis on education and leadership qualities.


The personnel at English Spanish International School strive to provide the students with a safe, academically, challenging, and culturally diverse environment that foster the development of a strong character and intellect.


The faculty and staff of English Spanish International School provide a nurturing environment which acknowledges individual creativity and stimulates personal growth under the practice of traditional values and basic educational skills.


Professor Arquimides Cuenca; President
Bachelor in Science at:
University of Central Florida (UCF)

Education and Physics
United States of America

Dr. Annie Cuenca, D.M.D;
V. President
Doctor in Dental Medicine at:
Nova Southeastern University

Dental Medicine
United States of America



The staff of English Spanish International School expects students to behave appropriately in the normal activities of the institution. The institution reserves the right to dismiss any student whose activity or behavior might constitute a threaten or could be detrimental to the best interest of other students or staff.


Smoking is prohibited in all school facilities.

Theft, Unathorized Possession and/or Sale of Property:

Students involved in theft, unauthorized possession, and/or sale of property not belonging to them will be subject to disciplinary action, as well as to arrest and prosecution by legal authorities. Students are required to make full restitution.


Students at English Spanish International School are required to show cordiality, courtesy, consideration and respect for teachers, and peers.
A student may be placed in probation for any of the following reasons:
. Failure to turn in the assigned material on time and with the appropriate requisites.
. Excessive absences.
. Inappropriate behavior.


A student may be dismissed or suspended by the administration because of inappropriate conduct, academic dishonesty, damage of property, falsification of records, defamation, threats, extortion, possession of illegal substances like alcohol, drugs, etc.

Standard of Dress:

There is no dress code for students at English Spanish International School, but they must wear standard clothes that guarantee safety and respect for academic activities.

Health and Safety:

All employees of English Spanish International School are under an affirmative duty to report any criminal act and/or disruptive behavior occurring on school property. The responsible administrator has the obligation to conduct an immediate investigation of the allegation and upon verification, report to the principal or to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Narcotics and illegal drugs:

The possession and use of controlled substances by students and employees of English Spanish International School must at all times be in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Students who possess, use, or deliver controlled substances not dispensed and used pursuant to prescription will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and included expulsion from the school.

Student rights and responsibilities:

The students at English Spanish International School have the right to:

1 To receive substantial instruction in the course content and to be graded on academic performance.

2 To receive information about the grades he/she is obtaining at any time of the year.

3 To access information from the school website.

4 To express themselves on any subject, freedom to publish and distribute their views, when they are not contrary to the school philosophy and regulations.

5 Request tutoring when any part of the assignment is not understood.

The students at English Spanish International School have the responsibility to:

1. Understand all policies and procedures of the academy regarding core curriculum, requisites, admissions, scholarships, deadlines, restrictions, and other criteria.

2. Complete all materials required for application and submit them to the appropriate personnel with the registration fee.

3. Turn in all assignments on time and with the appropriate format.

4. Make all payments on time as required by the school policy.

5. Meet the standards of academic performance established by English Spanish International School.

6. Make a reasonable complaint or petition to the principal.

Student Appeal of Grades:

Though it is the teacherís responsibility the academic evaluation and the assignment of grades, every student at English Spanish International School must strive to receive satisfactory grades on each subject as a clear indication of his/her academic performance. Grades in all subjects are to be based on the studentís degree of mastery of the instructional objectives for the subject. The determination of the specific grade a student receives must be based on the teacherís best judgment after careful consideration of all aspects , and especially on tests.
When calculating and grading assignments, all English Spanish International School staff will adhere to the following grading scale:

Letter Point Range
A 100% -90%
B 89%-80%
C 79%-70%
D 69%-60%
F 59% and below

Distance learning policy:

English Spanish International School is aligned to the common core state standards for high school students in Florida, offering 24 credits (academic and elective courses) for obtaining a high school diploma and hence admission to School. The courses emphasize critical and thinking skills, research, and preparation of all students for success in our global economy and society.

We strive to combine all the benefits of a private school with the flexibility of personalized distance learning. Our method is designed to cover the knowledge and skills that students need at School level.

Benefits of distance education:

- You can study at your pace from the comfort of your home.
- You can vary your study load to suit your hours at your job.
- You have plenty of time to review your materials without having to rush off to the next activity.
- You have available tutoring for the subjects with difficulties.
- You can make your own schedule to take the tests at our school.

As tests should be proctored by school authorities, different dates will be provided for the studentsí choice.

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ESIS is a community School that focuses on your success; in fact, it's our mission. We have resources to get you on the career path you've always wanted and provide you with convenient class times and caring faculty. We like to keep our classes small and our value big.

ESIS offers an affordable, quality education to those seeking an associate degree, certificate or professional development.

Our Courses:

. English & Spanish Classes
. Guitar & Piano Classes
. Teacherís Certification
. High School Diploma
. TOEFL Preparation
. Math & Reading Tutoring
. Citizenship Classes
. and moreÖ


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